Challenge identification (under the categories of curriculum and innovative teaching-learning, research and innovations, student engagement, progression and career and governance, leadership, management) and solution development matrix.

Emphasizing on social, cultural, emotional and vocational development of students along with the intellectual development helping them in the proper choice of courses at early stage.

Focusing on the overall development of learners (especially underprivileged and rural) by providing hands-on training experience, innovative learning, skill development encouraging them to become entrepreneurs.


Persistent capacity building (soft-skills, personality development) among the learners more particularly students in schools and colleges and other organizations.

We aim to mentor and provide guidance to the youth for their holistic development with exchange of knowledge initiatives.

We work hard to promote research, education, and impart education, training for the development of socioeconomic and spiritual aspects in different fields/sectors, especially in rural areas.

We work to achieve overall holistic growth of the learners through various activities, along with the conventional education methods.